"Improve the quality of your process outputs by eliminating wastes."

Increase the percentage of defect-free products.

Lean Management

Now that you’ve had your six sigma and flow kaizen events, you’ve gained some insight into how to bring your company closer into alignment with a lean manufacturing model. You’ve seen where redundancies exist in your assembly line, how stale inventory is hurting your bottom line, and why it’s important to focus your company’s resources exclusively on value-added activities. With all this knowledge plus a solid lean management practice, you will be in a position to take your organization to the next level.
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Site Assessment

In order to provide your company with the maximum benefits of our Lean Six Sigma services, Lean Synergy International (LSI) will begin with what’s known as a lean assessment. During the lean assessment, LSI will spend time carefully evaluating your company’s products and services and their strategic importance to the growth of your business.

In a combined effort with your company’s leadership team, LSI will perform a thorough value stream map evaluation. The results of this evaluation, along with the current state value stream map, LSI’s lean leadership and your management team will determine areas in need of improvement and develop a plan to achieve lean excellence.
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Setup Reduction

As part of a comprehensive set of lean quality management tools, setup reduction can lower your organization’s overhead costs and improve your ability to meet customer needs. It does this in part by allowing you to reduce lot sizes, which in turn eliminates excess inventory and allows for greater flexibility in filling special orders. The consultants at Lean Synergy International (LSI) can help your organization achieve monumental reductions in setup times so that you can enjoy a leaner, more profitable workflow.

Setup reduction is defined as “the reduction of the amount of downtime during changeover from the last good piece of one order to the first good piece of the next order.”
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LSI Goes Abroad

LSI Consulting has been traveling around the globe, transforming companies into lean...